Challenge-driven innovation that helps people, regardless of disability and age, live independent and safe lives

We believe that we can strengthen the innovation capacity in the Gothenburg region by taking advantage of creativity, initiative and the knowledge of users, relatives, public sector, researchers and companies.

Through a common innovation process where collaborators work together, we create a structure and a permissive environment for testing, developing and disseminating ideas that meet real needs.

This is going on right now

AllAgeHub is now in the process of finding challenges, needs are being explored, and actors from public sector, companies, academy and civil society are going to generate ideas together. This idea generation is based on identified developmental areas emerged from the seven societal challenges identified during workshops in autumn 2017.

Based on the seven societal challenges and development areas, idea development projects are started where ideas are tested, refined and quality assured to ultimately be implemented and to become spread innovations. Innovations require experimentation to go from idea to reality, disseminate and make use of.

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Carolina Fornell
Innovation facilitator, AllAgeHub

Sociala medier

AllAgeHub is a joint initiative launched by twelve municipalities in the region of Gothenburg with The Gothenburg Region (GR),
as project owner during the development phase 2017-2019.