The tenants decide – Åkerhus tests assistive technology services


During the spring, the staff at the retirement home Åkerhus in Önnered, Göteborg,  have been working with user-driven innovation to find out areas where there might exist technical equipment that could improve the tenants well being further. At the moment they are scouting the market for technical solutions to match the identified needs.

The retirement home Åkerhus is situated in Önnered in western Gothenburg, not far from the sea. The retirement home houses 102 tenants in three different buildings. About half of the accommodations are customized for elderly people with somatic disabilities, ten accommodations are customized for people speaking sign language and the rest of the accommodations are customized for tenants with dementia. Within the project, the task of identifying possible areas of improvement has been focusing on the needs of the tenants and the identified needs are thus based on what the tenants themselves have brought attention to.

Next step in the process is to scan the market for existing solutions to the identified needs and thus Åkerhus now have announced a Request for Information (RFI). The purpose of the RFI is to provide the City of Gothenburg with information about what solutions are available and how they correspond to the identified needs of the tenants.

AllAgeHub (AAH) helps the City of Gothenburg – one of the participating municipalities of AAH – to gather information about available solutions. The process will be followed by a traditional procurement procedure. The City of Gothenburg intend to implement a time limited test during a three-month period (excluding preparations and termination). The number of tenants that will be able to participate in those tests is dependent on the specific solution that will be tested and the budget of the test.

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