Stress prevention – test of solution on employees

We would like to test our stress-prevention solution on a workplace. According to international surveys, around 20% of the workforce feels more stressed that they want to be.
Our device can help such people get their stress under control. It consists of a sensor and an app on an Iphone.
Our Swedish partner would need to find 20-50 employees, who would volunteer to try our solution. They would measure their stress level every day during a 2 months period, and do the exercises on the app (breathing, music therapy and meditation). They would also help us evaluate the product. We would lend you the sensors and hope that the workplace will pay for the subscription for the app (137 Swedish kronar per month), we can negotiate about that.
We would elaborate a Swedish version of the user guide.

AllAgeHub är ett initiativ av tretton GR-kommuner med Göteborgsregionens kommunalförbund, GR,
som projektägare.